Actress Jacinda Barrett was stunned to find decency still exists in Hollywood on the set of new comedy SCHOOL FOR SCOUNDRELS - co-star Jon Heder refuses to curse, swear or work on a Sunday. The Mormon actor's morals impressed Barrett, who plays his object of affection in the new film. She says, "Jon has this incredible moral code and it sort of dictates the choices he makes in his life and his career. "He won't work on a Sunday and you'll never hear him swear in a movie, ever. He's such a genuine grounded person. "In the entertainment business, it's unusual to see people who are religious and who have a strong moral code. It was nice to see." But Barrett admits her other co-star in the film, Billy Bob Thornton was completely the opposite: "He has no problem having a glass of wine and swearing and he has a very irreverent sense of humour. "I guess it's the Australian in me. I love that dirty sense of humour. I had so much fun with him. "There were days where Billy would go into his CARL character from Sling Blade and Jon Heder would go into his Napoleon Dynamite character, and they'd have these long conversations about tater tots (hash browns)."