Rapper Ja Rule's return to Los Angeles was dogged by violence and security issues when he took to the stage at the House Of Blues on Friday night (15AUG05).

The concert had already been marred by sound problems earlier in the evening and many fans had left the venue before Ja Rule appeared at 1am.

Four songs into his set, a fight broke out in the audience prompting House of Blues officials to step in eject several people from the venue.

A concert-goer says, "The remainder of the set was somewhat distracted by a steady flow of security issues. There were a lot of drunk people starting fights. At least four fights broke out at the show and police were called to help venue security.

"The fights basically broke out because the show started late, so the audience just drank.

"When Ja Rule came out, there was a mad rush of women to the front, so people got bumped around and pushed. Some people got out of hand."

18/07/2005 09:29