Rapper Ja Rule has toned down his list of demands on movie sets after efforts to ban pork from the set of Turn It Up led to him becoming a laughing stock.

The LIVIN' IT UP hitmaker made a point of stating he wanted no pork-based products on the cafeteria table during filming of the 2000 crime drama, and spent the whole film the butt of jokes from cast and crew.

He explains, "I told them I don't eat pork. After that, every day there was bacon in my jacket, bacon in my shoes, bacon everywhere."

Ja Rule, real name JEFFREY ATKINS, got his own back at the wrap party by signing a bacon stripper up for the celebration.

He adds, "I had a stripper come to the wrap party as a surprise, and she had bacon in her bra, that popped out."

25/08/2004 21:07