Rapper Ja Rule has reignited his feud with 50 Cent in his new book.

The hip-hop star's long-running war of words with the In Da Club hitmaker ran for 14 years, with the pair constantly trading shots against each other in interviews and songs until they publicly made amends in 2011,

But the Always on Time hitmaker has opened old wounds by detailing their feud in new memoir Unruly: The Highs and Lows of Becoming a Man, in which he claims 50 was "a crazed man on a mission to destroy me".

In the book, Ja Rule accuses 50 Cent, real name Curtis Jackson, of giving police officers information on him, music producer Irv 'Gotti' Lorenzo and their record label Murder Inc. following a 2000 brawl, during which his rap rival was shot nine times. He believes Jackson's co-operation with the police lead to a money-laundering case against Lorenzo and his brother, who were eventually acquitted in 2005.

He writes, “When they (police) asked him who he thought had shot him, it would make sense that 50 would have said, 'Ja Rule, Irv Gotti and Murder Inc.'... He secretly led them through his recordings for the answers they were looking for."

Ja Rule also recounts psychical altercations with the rapper, including a 2000 recording studio feud.

He recalls, "I hit him with the crutch. We proceeded to whip his ass. I was putting in my work. 50 was crunched in the corner. I slammed the big tannoy speaker down on him."

His memoir is due to be released on 31 July (14).