Ja Rule is reportedly under federal investigation for a New York club shooting - after surveillance footage allegedly linking the rapper to the crime was seized by police.

Two men were shot outside the popular Manhattan nightspot Club LQ after a party was held for the rapper last year (27DEC04), which resulted in one of the victims, WILLIAM CLARK, losing his life.

Although the party was held in Rule's honour, it is currently unclear whether the rap star, real name JEFFREY ATKINS, was at the event at the time of the shooting.

Now, police say, video seized from the club shows Rule's entourage leaving the club at around 3:30 am, just as Clark and another man, TROY MOORE, were walking nearby.

According to the New York Post, Rule's car is seen coming to a halt, one of his bodyguards runs to the vehicle, taps on the window and says, "Come with me, it's coming down." Shots then allegedly erupt from Rule's vehicle, seriously wounding Moore and killing Clark.

Rule's attorney MURRAY RICHMAN insists the HOLLA HOLLA rapper is innocent of any wrongdoing.

Rule may face federal charges for the shooting, including conspiracy to commit murder, according to the Post. But he is reportedly cooperating with authorities, and has not officially been charged with any crime in connection with the case.

20/07/2005 03:52