Ja Rule out of jail, Ja Rule in jail again. The 36 year-old rapper was released from prison last week, only to find himself doing time again, almost immediately afterwards. This won’t have come as a shock to Ja Rule though – he was well aware of the fate that awaited him when he was released last week.

The original two year sentence, that he served in a central New York prison, was for illegal gun possession. However, he was also wanted for tax-related offences, too and has to serve the remainder of his sentence for failing to cough up the correct sum of money for his tax affairs. According to a report from Associated Press, he admitted that he had failed to pay taxes on over $3 million worth of earnings, from between 2004 and 2006. He was living in New Jersey at the time. 

Ja Rule

Ja Rule back in prison now until July

Now, Ja Rule has been moved to Brooklyn’s Metropolitan Detention Center, a center for prisoners that only have short time left to serve on their sentence (like Ja Rule) or who are awaiting court dates to decide their own fate). The federal bureau of prisons has said that his expected release date is July 28, 2013, so he still has a few months to wait until he can get back to his career and family life.