Ja Rule, the American rapper currently serving a two-year prison sentence for attempted gun possession, has been sentenced to a further 28 months after failing to pay $1.1 million in taxes, reports MTV News. Ja Rule, real name Jeffrey Atkins, admitted his failure to file returns for money earned between 2004 and 2006.
His attorney Stacey Richman accepted the court's decision as fair, saying, "We were all very concerned about what the potentials were, and we think that the outcome was very fair and that the court took him into account as an individual, and we appreciate that tremendously" The rapper pleaded guilty to attempted gun possession in December 2007, stemming from an arrest in 2007. He turned himself into police and began his stint in prison last month. The former Murder Inc star discussed his tax troubles whilst appearing on the Mtv show 'RapFix Live' in April, saying, "Let me just clear this up for people who think that Ja Rule doesn't pay taxes: bullsh*t.Ja Rule pays plenty of taxes, millions of dollars in taxes. I owed them a little bit more". U.S. Judge Patty Schwartz handed down the sentence this week, saying, "Taxpayers do not have the luxury of deciding whether to comply with the laws".
In theory, the new sentence means Ja Rule will service a full 28 months regardless of whether his sentence for attempted gun possession ends early.