Outspoken rapper Ja Rule has revisited his war of words with Dr Dre and Eminem on a scandalous new mix tape - by insinuating they are both gay.

After allegedly attempting to patch up his differences with arch-rival 50 CENT and turning down the heat on his feud with DMX, Rule has turned his attention to Eminem and his mentor, who have both poked fun at the Queens, New York, rapper's diminutive height on their records.

On new mix-tape track LOOSE CHANGE, Ja Rule, real name JEFFREY ATKINS, takes issue with Dr Dre over his alleged penchant for cross-dressers - a fact told to him by Dre's former label boss Marion 'Suge' Knight.

He spits, "I'm talking about faggot a** gay DRE YOUNG/And Suge told me all about how ya used to take transvestites home and occasionally wear thongs/No wonder Feminem (corr) be crossdressing in pumps and tight lil' dresses."

And in a new VIBE magazine interview, Ja Rule reveals he's taking a break from attacking DMX on record because he understands his original adversary "needs help."

Ja Rule went to war with DMX when the latter rapper accused the former of stealing his style.

Rule now says, "X is not seeing the world straight right now, and it's sad. I'd rather have beef with you and you not be on crack. I'd rather have beef with a healthy n**ga who's in his right state of mind."

05/03/2004 09:21