50 CENT insists he'll never end his war of words with Ja Rule and his THE INC labelmates until the company is no more.

The tough-talking New York rapper, who has been a longtime rap enemy of Ja Rule, laughs off reports of an imminent truce between the two heavyweights because he knows such a thing will only come back to attack him.

Speaking exclusively on MTV's ALL EYES ON 50 CENT: THE SEQUEL, the rap star explains, "If I let up off Murder Inc they'll linger for a little bit, people will start to feel like it's OK to like them, they get back in position and then, guess what? They wanna fight again.

"Now they're all, 'Ooh, peace treaty, white flag, everybody please get up off us.'

"But if you let 'em get back up on their feet they wanna fight again. That's why I said, for me, when you begin to destroy you should destroy completely.

"I've got the time and energy to ruin what is left of their careers."

01/03/2005 09:32