50 CENT is confident he can continue blasting his New York rap rivals because he outsells the best of them 11 to one.

The IN DA CLUB rapper has had a long-standing feud with Ja Rule and now he's attacking Fat Joe and Jadakiss on his new album THE MASSACRE after they sided with the Murder Inc hitmaker on his 2004 hit NEW YORK.

Fat Joe has already hit back, accusing his rival of taking too many steroids in a radio interview, but 50 has no fear of repercussions for what he has to say about the people he hates.

Speaking exclusively on MTV show ALL EYES ON 50 CENT: THE SEQUEL, he says, "I understand exactly why I get the envy and the jealousy I have going on with me in New York City. My last LP sold more than everyone who's released an album... Every single one of them, add it all up and it ain't 11 million.

"First you gotta have a legitimate opponent to respect them. Fat Joe and Jadakiss, come on b**ch; they don't even count. They sell a million... sell 1.5 (million) together, their last two releases add up to 1 million 500,000 copies together.

"If you want to be technical, there's a lot of people, a lot of places that don't even know who Jadakiss is. I've been in markets that don't even know who Jadakiss is.

"I performed in Nigeria in front of 100,000 people by myself. Go to Nigeria and ask them about Fat Joe and Jadakiss. They don't know who you're talking about."

01/03/2005 02:27