LATEST: The judge in the trial of rap moguls IRV and CHRIS LORENZO has heard how hip-hop star 50 CENT fended off bullets with his bare hands after allegedly being shot at by a gunman hired by the brothers' record label investor and local crack dealer.

The Lorenzos, who call themselves the GOTTI BROTHERS after the infamous mafia gang, stand accused of laundering drug money through their Murder Inc record label.

The brothers, who launched the careers of Ja Rule and Ashanti, were allegedly given money by drug lord KENNETH 'SUPREME' McGRIFF to set up their label, and once their business began to flourish they actively helped him turn his drug profits into legitimate earnings through his employment with them.

The prosecution yesterday (22NOV05) brought witness JON RAGIN into the case, who allegedly heard McGriff confess to masterminding the shooting of the IN DA CLUB hitmaker nine times at close range after he made disparaging remarks about the Murder Inc label.

The judge cross-examined Ragin, a self-confessed pimp, to establish whether he should be allowed to testify in the case before the jury.

Ragin said of the shooting, "Supreme (McGriff) said, 'I got him.' I didn't know who it was he got, and Supreme explained he got 50 Cent.

"He thought he was dead. He got shot so many times at close range and there was so much blood."

The case continues.