JK Simmons has received more interesting film offers since starring in 'Whiplash'.

The 60-year-old star, who appeared as teacher Terence Fletcher in the hit film, has revealed he's looking to take on ''things that are different'' at this stage in his career.

Speaking after collecting the Best Supporting Actor prize at the British Academy Film Awards at London's Royal Opera House, he said: ''There are more offers coming my way, and more interesting offers and more significant roles - just bigger parts.

''That's been a big plus of this experience. I am certainly not looking to try to repeat Fletcher at all. So I'm looking for things that are different.''

Simmons also explained he's keen to see Hollywood embrace a diverse range of films.

He said: ''I think anything that's at all untraditional is a tough pitch in Hollywood.

''It's a business and there's money at stake but I think the fact that so many films that are thinking outside the box are getting a lot of awards attention this year will hopefully help to broaden the horizons of the kinds of movies that can get made.

''And hopefully this will open the door for other interesting films.''