The producers of Ivana Trump's new reality TV show were forced to scour America for the right older woman seeking a younger lover, because many ex-husbands objected to the concept of the series. The former wife of Donald Trump will help a "mature lady" hunt for a suitable toyboy on IVANA YOUNG MAN, but she admits finding the right star of the show has been tougher than expected. She says, "My producers saw about 5,000 ladies. It was very difficult because some of the ladies, the ex-husband would say, 'If you're going to go on any kind of variety show, I'm gonna take (the) children away from you.' It was like power play." The producers of the new show also spent the best part of a year looking for the six guys who will compete for Trump's favour and her guest's heart. She adds, "We went through guys from all walks of life - some of them are fun, some of them are really good guys, we have a few jerks."