Socialite Ivana Trump is urging pal Liza Minnelli and her estranged husband David Gest to end their public war of words and come together to sort out their divorce. The former wife of tycoon Donald Trump insists no good will come of the couple's much publicised bickering and has advised them both to sit down with their publicists and lawyers to end their feud. Trump's counselling, which is featured in her latest Globe tabloid dating advice column, comes after Gest recently accused his estranged wife of withholding information about a sexually transmitted disease she had from him during their marriage. Gest also maintains he was viciously beaten by the Cabaret star throughout their brief marriage. Trump writes, "The big question here is, 'How low can they go?' I've known Liza for a long time and she is a jewel of a person. I don't think she would knowingly deceive anyone, so the whole STD business seems very out of character. "As for David, I don't know him personally, but in cases like this the truth usually lies somewhere in the middle. The end result is nobody comes out looking good. "I'd like to see this pair, their lawyers and publicists sit down and come up with a strategy that will end the mudslinging once and for all."