Socialite Ivana Trump has slammed Barbra Streisand after learning the diva cursed out a fan who disapproved of her politics during a recent New York show. The former wife of property tycoon Donald Trump was horrified when she heard how Streisand stopped her concert to hurl abuse at a fan after he lambasted the singer for a joke she told about US President George W Bush. And, speaking in her advice column in US publication the Globe, prim and proper Trump urges Streisand to keep her political thoughts to herself when she's performing. She says, "Although this is a free country where everyone is allowed to speak his or her mind, there is a right and wrong place to espouse such strong political views. "Perhaps Barbara figured that, being among fans, she was among friends - and treated them as such. But just because people like her singing doesn't mean that they agree with her politics. "Folks who paid a pretty penny to hear her sing shouldn't have to endure a political statement they might find offensive. "And I don't believe there is ever any reason to use profanity - as she did - to make her point."