Ivana Trump has reignited her feud with ex-husband Donald Trump, accusing him of being intimidated by her business abilities. The Czech-born entrepreneur clashed with Donald in March (06) when he opposed her plan to use her name as a trademark for her real estate company, claiming it would confuse people buying property from him. Ivana, 57, claims her ex is threatened by the success she has achieved without him. She says, "I think Donald feels more rivalry than I do. I do my things and I enjoy them. I think Donald needs a girl to come and ask him, 'Donald, what am I going to do? Can you help me?' "I don't do that. He would love me to come and ask him for help but I don't do that. It makes him mad I guess." She also insists she is better off without the man she divorced in 1992 and boasts she has a better quality of life than the 60-year-old. Ivana adds, "I have no regrets. If I was still married, I would be maybe running the casino. With my divorce, a whole new world opened up for me. "Donald is like a good French wine: he doesn't like to be moved. It's rare that he goes on vacation. Now I can travel all around the world. The new challenges are all around and I have the freedom to do what I want to do."