Movie mogul Ivan Reitman found the perfect way to dissuade his son JASON from following his acting dreams - by turning him into a laughing stock on each of his films.

The Ghostbusters director gave young Jason a line in many of his 1980s blockbusters, knowing that his school pals would taunt him about his appearance on the big screen.

The younger Reitman, now a celebrated indie film director, recalls, "My father never wanted me to be an actor and the way he achieved that was he gave me one line in each one of his films during the most awkward period of my life.

"If you watch TWINS and GHOSTBUSTERS 2 and Kindergarten Cop you see this dorky little kid saying these lines. Every year in junior high that would become my name for the year.

"In Kindergarten Cop, I was kissing this girl and Arnold Schwarzenegger walks in with the gun and says, 'What are you doing in there?' and my line was, 'I thought it was another drill.'

"So I'd walk down the corridor at school and people would taunt me with, 'Hey, I thought it was another drill! That's funny.'

"I never wanted to be an actor ever again."