Isobel Campbell believes her singing partner Mark Lanegan has no idea their album BALLAD OF THE BROKEN SEAS has been nominated for this year's (06) prestigious Mercury Music Prize. Scottish Campbell and American Lanegan, formerly of SCREAMING TREES and sometime member of Queens Of The Stone Age, teamed up to record the highly-acclaimed disc of duets. And the pair are one of 12 acts in the running for the UK/Irish award and GBP20,000 ($36,000) in prize money at the Mercury Music Prize ceremony in London on 5 September (06). However, Campbell claims that even if reclusive Lanegan knew about the nomination, he would never attend an awards show. She says, "I don't think of myself as the kind of person who goes to ceremonies but he definitely isn't. "But I'll be there. I'd probably be hung, drawn and quartered by my record company if I didn't go, though it's not natural for me to do something like go to an awards ceremony. "I haven't spoken to Mark for months. The last time I talked to him was back in November of last year and he probably doesn't know about the Mercury awards. He is a secret squirrel. "The last time I spoke to him was before the record came out. I was doing the photo shoot for the album and I was saying that I hoped people would like our record. He simply said, 'Oh.' When I then said at least I liked it, he said he loved it. "But he's a quiet man. You don't need to fight to get a word in. "We probably won't be making another album together as we haven't spoken in so long. That doesn't bode well for doing another one. "I was supposed to do gigs with Mark but they didn't happen either. You have to let people get on with whatever they are getting on with."