Isla Fisher and Sacha Baron Cohen are seemingly set to marry this month.

The couple have reportedly sent out party invites asking guests to keep February 26 free, however, the notices do not contain any further information.

It is believed Sacha, 38, and 34-year-old Isla - who have been together for eight years and have a two-year-old daughter, Olive, together - have booked several possible venues in the UK in a bid to keep the actual location of the ceremony secret.

A source told The Mail on Sunday newspaper: "Sacha and Isla are throwing a party. They have asked everyone to come in fancy dress. They haven't told anyone it's a wedding but that's what we all suspect."

However, a spokesperson for the 'Bruno' actor claims the pair have no plans to marry anytime in the near future.

The possible wedding date coincides with the Jewish festival of Purim an important annual religious festival for followers of Judaism like Sacha.

Purim commemorates the deliverance of Jewish people living in Babylonia in 6th century BCE from a Persian Empire plot to murder them.

It is celebrated according to the Hebrew calendar on the 14th day of the Hebrew month of Adar, which this year falls on February 28, although the festival begins at sunset on February 27.

Australian actress Isla has converted to Judaism in order to marry Sacha and admitted last year she was happy with her decision.

The 'Wedding Crashers' star - who has been given the Hebrew name Ayala or 'Doe' - said: "I love religions and find them fascinating and I find Judaism very beautiful. It has enriched my life enormously."