Isla Fisher finds her family's nomadic lifestyle tiring.

The 40-year-old actress has three children with husband Sacha Baron Cohen and they currently split their time between England and Los Angeles.

And while she feels very blessed being able to do that, Isla admits he can be hard at times.

She said: ''Recently we've spent almost 50 per cent of the time in England and 50 per cent of the time in LA, which is amazing. But it is hard as well. It's like being in a gypsy village, we're always moving, and it's very transatlantic and nomadic, so sometimes it gets a bit tiring. But I'm incredibly grateful for my life and I wouldn't change anything.''

The 'Confessions of a Shopaholic' star grew up in Australia and so still feels a very close affiliation with the country.

She told TV show 'This Morning': ''My dad and my mum are both Scottish. I think I always be... my sensibility is Australian, I think I'm quite laid back and I've got a lot of Aussie traits. But then I'm connected very much now to the UK because I've been here for so long. And LA I love because of the weather.''

Isla has just released her first children's book, 'Marge in Charge', and says she was inspired by her own kids when writing it.

She said: ''I definitely use Marge as a tool to get everyone to bed and I've always loved telling stories and doing silly voices. And the best thing about reading to kids is that when it gets boring, they just walk out of the room - they're your most fiercest critics. So only the more interesting stuff makes it into the finished material.''