Isla Fisher is learning meditation.

The 42-year-old actress has turned her closet into a meditation room to help lower her blood pressure and make her more ''creatively productive'' after her husband Sacha Baron Cohen encouraged her to use a meditation app.

She said: ''I set up a meditation room in my closet - I've got the pillow and some stones. It lowers your blood pressure and makes you much more productive creatively. I sound like a total LA hippy.

''Just 20 minutes, twice a day.

''Actually, I feel like a fraud because so far I've only done it twice. But I'm going to do it more.

''He [Sacha] got me on to [meditation app] MindSpace. I'm more of the worrier of the family, he's more chill.''

When Isla - who three kids with Sacha - is not meditating in her new space, she is laughing at her 'Grimsby' actor husband's jokes, and admits she has a silly sense of humour.

She said: ''I think he's so freaking funny. I have a very out-there, puerile sense of humour, too.''

Isla feels strongly for the Me Too movement - which is campaigning against sexual harassment in the workplace - and while she has not suffered any abuse herself, the former 'Home and Away' star has been shocked by some of the ''disgusting and horrific'' casting couch stories which have been told of late.

She added to The Times newspaper: ''I feel passionately about it. I'm friends with Reese Witherspoon, so I've been on a ground level privy to the emails that circulate.

''Obviously I've had inappropriate things said to me on set, and I've experienced that general frat-boy humour and mentality towards women where you're denigrated based on your gender, but [nothing more].

''What's been going on is clearly disgusting and horrific and the stories have been dumbfounding.''