Isla Fisher doesn't want to work more because she loves being able to be at home with her children.

The 40-year-old actress has three kids with her husband Sacha Baron Cohen and although she gets regular big screen roles she doesn't want to become part of the busy A-list because motherhood is her priority.

In an interview with the Metro newspaper, she said: ''I'm not in that bracket of hugely successful actresses who get offered amazing parts all the time, which is fine by me because it means I get to stay at home with my family.''

Isla did get the chance to combine her work with her family last year when she starred in Sacha's latest comedy film 'Grimsby'.

It was the first time the couple had appeared together in a movie and the flame-haired beauty was very impressed with the 44-year-old Brit's comic skills on set.

She shared: ''It was the first time, I had ever worked with my husband and to actually be on set with him was really impressive. He's a brilliant improviser and I just thought, 'Oh wow!' I had the that hashtag proud wife moment. But at the same I didn't get any jokes. I had to play the straight woman. So he owes me one.''

Isla has just released her first children's book, 'Marge in Charge', which is about an eccentric babysitter and she was inspired by her own life with her kids when writing it.

She said: ''Marge subverts all the rules. The kids end up babysitting their babysitter. I live vicariously through Marge because, being a mother myself, these days I have to be sensible.''