Isla Fisher couldn't wait to finish shooting 'Nocturnal Animals'.

The 40-year-old actress admits it was ''emotionally draining'' being on set as some of the scenes she had to shoot were so harrowing.

She told The Today Show: ''I can't even watch those scenes back! We shot in the Mojave Desert and it was a night shoot that lasted for a week and a half ... You know, normally I end a movie and I miss everybody and I wanna stay forever; this, I was like, 'See ya later!'

''It was just so emotionally draining to do that kind of material and have it look real. You have to really commit to it and it's a physical element. This movie is really about emotional violence and not physical violence, but my scenes, which are basically fictitious - they're from a book that Amy Adams' character is reading - it's still, it's just a lot; it was a lot to take on.''

Meanwhile, the brunette beauty - who has three children with her husband Sacha Baron Cohen - previously revealed she is putting her career on the back-burner a little so she can focus on her family life.

She said: ''I'm lucky enough to be able to stay at home and be with my family. I used to devour every script, but now I'm focused on my family life, which has brought me so much satisfaction in a deep way. My husband only makes a movie every three years, so we're together all the time.

''I still love acting. It's the greatest form of escapism. I'm very optimistic. Things are changing for women - but it feels like every time there's a female-driven piece of material that does well, everybody acts surprised. I can't compute why, when 50 per cent of the population is female, studios wouldn't want to actively try to get that audience.''