Isla Fisher has reportedly been cast alongside Steve Coogan and David Mitchell in 'Greed'.

The 42-year-old actress will begin filming the Michael Winterbottom-directed movie with the comedic duo in Europe later this year.

In the upcoming film, Coogan will play the part of a self-absorbed retail billionaire, according to Deadline, which reports that Isla will appear as his on-screen wife.

Isla's character is said to be the only person who can truly understand the businessman and his complex personality.

Winterbottom is helming the movie on behalf of Film 4 and Sony International.

But before 'Greed' is released in cinemas, Isla will next be appearing in the comedy film 'The Beach Bum', which also stars the likes of Zac Efron, Jonah Hill and Matthew McConaughey.

Meanwhile, Isla - who is married to British comedy star Sacha Baron Cohen - recently admitted she respects her husband even more since they worked together.

The actress - who has three kids with Sacha - shared the screen with her husband in 2016's 'Grimsby' and she subsequently admitted there's no one she'd rather make a movie with.

She said: ''We had a really fun time [on 'Grimsby']. We shared a trailer. And it was just hilarious.

''Obviously I always respected him, but having been around so many big comedy stars and seeing how they improvise and stuff - and then to work with my husband and see him be the best improv comedian I've ever worked with, I loved it.''