Australian actress Isla Fisher infuriated her personal trainer on the set of CONFESSIONS OF A SHOPAHOLIC - by secretly breaking her strict diet.
The movie's producers forced the star to take up a gruelling exercise regime in a bid to stay svelte throughout filming.
Fisher's lifestyle coach also put restrictions on her food intake - but the star rebelled by gorging on sweet treats and fast food behind his back.
And Fisher admits her diet-busting antics drove her trainer to tears.
She says, "He wanted to come round (to my house) every single day and I couldn't have that.
"So I got it down to three times a week, but he was all about lifestyle. There was a list of things I couldn't eat - it was so long, there was nothing left that I could eat! It was awful.
"I had to lead this double life where I was pretending I was being really good, when secretly I had cakes stuffed in my anorak pockets and I had to shove them into my mouth when he was turned the other way. One time, I'd eaten already french fries and a hamburger and had a really awful day. I confessed that I'd eaten one bread roll - I lied about everything else - and he almost cried.
"And I thought, 'Oh no, imagine if he had any idea what I was actually getting up to behind his back!'"