Brazilian model Isis Arruda has accepted responsibility for rocker LENNY KRAVITZ love split with actress Nicole Kidman.

The 21-year-old beauty was pictured getting intimate with Kravitz at a party together last December (03) - and when asked whether this was the reason for the supposed end of Kidman's relationship with the singer, Arruda agreed.

She says, "Yes. She must not have been pleased with what she saw. I spoke to him when our photo was published in the paper. He was a bit quiet, and didn't want to say anything."

Arruda added she was not the only focus of Kravitz's attentions that night.

She said, "Lenny danced and talked to many women at that party, but only our picture was printed in the papers."

She also insisted that the two stars are still very close friends.

02/03/2004 18:01