Disgraced actor Isaiah Washington is fuming over a new TV interview in which he seemed to poke fun at former GREY'S ANATOMY co-star Patrick Dempsey for not sticking up for him in the aftermath of his gay slur scandal. Washington was rowing with Dempsey on the set of the medical drama last year (Oct06) when he uttered the word 'faggot', which sparked a major controversy. The comment led to co-star T.R. Knight 'coming out' as a gay man, but Washington has always maintained the slur wasn't directed at Knight. In a TV interview on U.S. news show Access Hollywood last week (ends20Jul07), host Billy Bush asked Washington if he felt Dempsey should have spoken up for him. Bush posed, "Dempsey, it seems to me, could've cleared everything up by standing up and saying one thing... 'Isaiah never said that to T.R. - I was there.'. If he's a friend, how could he not do that?" A grinning Washington replied, "Nice observation Billy... He (Dempsey) protects himself well. He did what he felt he needed to do and remained silent." But now, Washington, who was fired from the show earlier this summer (07), is upset with the way the TV interview was edited, making it look as if he blames Dempsey for his sacking. Bush reports, "My only regret is that due to time on our show... in the edited interview we went straight to the outrage and it came off as if I was berating Patrick. Not the case. I should have fought for the extra time. "I am quite sure that Isaiah is difficult on the set... a perfectionist that compares himself to others. It's divisive, but frankly, this town has plenty of difficult actors. The legends are there. He means well."