Shamed ex-GREY'S ANATOMY star Isaiah Washington insists T.R.KNIGHT wanted him and co-star Patrick Dempsey off the show because of they were getting better storylines. The actor was fired from the medical drama earlier this month (Jun07) in the wake of a homophobic remark he made about castmate Knight last October (06) - a comment he repeated at the Golden Globe Awards earlier this year (07). However, Washington claims Knight turned the remark into a major controversy because he was jealous of the storylines he was getting. He says, "T.R. Knight was very tactical in trying to remove me from the show because he knows that I know, and I was gagged, that he has been working on a conspiracy to get Patrick Dempsey and myself off the show for the last year and a half. "I know Patrick Dempsey has supported me by stating that if there is anyone that needs to be fired it is T.R. Knight because he has created such a negative environment on that set because he felt like he has not been treated and given the same leading man kinds of story lines."