GREY'S ANATOMY star T.R. KNIGHT was left red-faced at a comedy night in New York this week (23May07) when a performer joked about his co-star Isaiah Washington's homophobic on-set slur. Washington and co-star Patrick Dempsey were involved in an on-set fight last October (06), when the actor reportedly referred to Knight as a "f**got". Knight revealed his homosexuality just two weeks after the argument and later declared that while Washington had uttered the slur on set, he had not done so directly to the gay actor. At the Creation Nation variety show at New York City's Zipper Theater on Wednesday, Knight was left uneasy when funnyman Billy Eichner pressed him about the show and his sexuality, the New York Daily News reports. When Eichner asked, "What was it about Sandra Oh that made you gay?", the whole audience burst into laughter except Knight, who remained straightfaced. Eichner then asked how things were on set, Knight replied, "It's work."