The cast of TV drama GREY'S ANATOMY is "back on track" after getting lost in the middle of the Isaiah Washington gay slur drama, according to show star Patrick Dempsey. The actor, who plays Dr. Derek 'MCDreamy' Shepherd on the hit show, was part of the controversy because his on-set spat with his co-star sparked the six-month feud that led to Grey's Anatomy bosses sacking Washington earlier this year (07). During Washington and Dempsey's war of words, the former used a gay slur, upsetting then-closeted homosexual T.R. Knight, who 'came out' as the on-set scandal was brought to light. Now, with Washington gone and the controversy in the past, Dempsey insists everything is good on the set again. He tells America's TV Guide magazine, "Last year was very toxic... I do think the show is back on track. "Toward the end of last season we got a little lost. All the relationships became very unhappy and the show ended on a kind of a sour note. "The good thing is that in the four shows we have already shot for the new season, the sense of humour and the heart is back."