Disgraced GREY'S ANATOMY star Isaiah Washington has received support from an unlikely source as he battles his homophobia demons - lesbian actress TAMMY LYNN MICHAELS. Washington was released from a rehabilitation facility after a week of counselling for his repeated use of the word "faggot" yesterday (31JAN07), and he is reportedly expected back on the set of the medical drama later today (01FEB07). And Michaels, who is rocker Melissa Etheridge's longtime partner, has offered the troubled actor a few words of support on her website. The actress reveals Washington and his family have been guests at the home she shares with Etheridge, and she never thought he was homophobic. Writing in her blog, Michaels offers, "He's not a bad man. He's flawed. Aren't we all? "I forgive his words, because, truth be told, I do not believe the word faggot exists in his heart." Washington hit the headlines last year (OCT06) when he referred to gay co-star TR KNIGHT as a "faggot" during an on-set dispute. He repeated the derogatory word during a press conference backstage at the Golden Globe Awards on 15 January (07).