French actress Isabelle Adjani has split with legendary music star Jean-michel Jarre after discovering he'd been cheating on her.

The OSCAR-nominated CAMILLE CLAUDEL star - who previously had a relationship and child with big screen hunk DANIEL DAY LEWIS - admits she misjudged Jarre to be a faithful lover, but has since discovered "incontrovertible proof" he was having an affair with another unnamed actress.

She says in a statement, "I'm leaving him. I believed in him and I was wrong."

Adjani, 48, claims 55-year-old Jarre vowed to her that she was the woman of his dreams, but when she approached him with her suspicions he was having an affair, he eventually confessed.

She also hinted that Jarre's behaviour was the reason his previous girlfriend, British actress Charlotte Rampling, had been unhappy for so long.

25/06/2004 17:33