Movie actress Isabella Rossellini has yet to achieve the film career she craves - because of her Italian accent.

The daughter of Hollywood legend Ingrid Bergman believes her accent has prevented her from achieving an illustrious acting career in the mould of her late Casablanca mother.

Rossellini complains about the film industry, "They are not interested in me.

"Generally you have to be in your twenties, you can't have an accent, you must have blue eyes.

"There are certain things I am not.

"Look at me, I'm 51. I don't have the age for a career in Hollywood as a sweetheart, you know?"

As to why New York-based Rossellini has never lost her accent after spending over three decades in the city, she says, "You can only lose the accent if you learn a language when you're young.

"My original language was Italian and I didn't learn English until I was in my twenties."

12/04/2004 17:22