Isabella Rossellini hopes the stunning new YANN ARTHUS-BERTRAND movie she narrates will prompt people around the world to do more for the environment.
The actress jumped at the chance to lend her voice to the Italian version of documentary Home - because she feels the film, which the French filmmaker shot from the sky, will have a major impact on green culture.
Speaking at the Santa Barbara Film Festival, she says, "I knew of his work for a long time so I said yes without hesitation, so I could get to know him. He's somebody that I've admired for 20 years.
"I think that the power of this film is that he has found a very simple solution by photographing the earth from above, from the aerial view to give you the feeling that you are objective and just looking down at something and you have an overall view.
"Whether you decide how much you want to be involved in the environmental movement or not; it does make you fall in love with the earth. I think that's the power of the film. I think environmentalists will love the film but I think the people that are not particularly involved with the environment will have that feeling that our earth is a wonderful planet."