Italian actress Isabella Rossellini's latest movie is set to shock cinema audiences - she stars as a limbless brewery owner whose artificial glass legs are filled with beer.

The 51-year-old stars as booze baroness LADY PORT-HUNTLEY in THE SADDEST MUSIC IN THE WORLD, which is set in depression-era Winnipeg, Canada - and insiders believe the film will equally repulse and enthrall viewers when it opens around the world.

One says, "It is kind of mesmerising, watching the beer slosh around in her glass prosthetic legs. I can see why some people might find it too repulsive to watch.

"The handful of people who've seen it so far have usually been left too stunned for words.

"Even an executive at IFC FILMS, who are distributing it in the United States, found it hard to lavish praise on it. Eventually, he struggled to come up with the line that it was certainly the most original performance he'd ever seen."

20/02/2004 17:12