Italian model-turned-actress Isabella Rossellini has turned her back on the movies to concentrate on growing crops and raising animals on her farm in New York.

The Blue Velvet star, 62, recently accepted a part in thriller Enemy, but her role consists of just one scene and she only agreed to it because the producer and director are good friends of hers.

She is adamant suitable roles dried up as she got older so she is more than happy to spend time developing her farm on Long Island.

Rossellini tells Britain's Sunday Telegraph Magazine, "I really don't work anymore as an actress. I am old, and there are no roles for older people. If a friend calls and asks me to do something, then of course I do it because I want to be with them, but it's never a career move...

"The farm is a very big project. We started the crops about a year ago but we still have to landscape and build the infrastructure this winter... Then hopefully, next year (15) I will write a new monologue or series of films... I have animals at home - two pigs, some chickens, goats, sheep and I hope to write something about them. They are very inspirational."