Isaac Hanson cannot wait to get back on the road with his Hanson bandmates after ending a difficult 2007 in bed following a number of surgical procedures to cure him of a life-threatening illness. The 27-year-old was first hospitalised in October (07) to undergo surgery for a pulmonary embolism, after experiencing shoulder and chest pains during a Hanson gig in Dallas, Texas. But the guitarist was forced to return to hospital in December (07) for a second round of operations to have a rib which was pressing against a vein removed. And the star is glad to finally be able to look to the future. He tells, "I am very excited to get out on the road. Let the rocking commence!" The singer is currently taking blood-thinning medication to prevent future clots, and he admits he has relied heavily on his wife on his road to recovery. He adds, "Of course, my wife Nikki was watching me very carefully, to make sure I was taking it easy. "I'm relieved to have it behind me and I really feel that the problem will no longer be an issue." Isaac Hanson hopes to resume touring with his younger brothers Taylor and Zac in March (08).