LATEST: Isaac Hanson is "feeling lucky" after undergoing surgery to treat a pulmonary embolism this week (begs01Oct07). The 26-year-old, who is expected to make a full recovery, was hospitalised after he started experiencing shoulder and chest pains during a Hanson gig in Dallas, Texas on Tuesday (02Oct07). Isaac has suffered from the potentially lethal artery-blocking condition before in 2003, and immediately recognised the symptoms. He tells, "Having had this happen before, I started to be really suspicious of what it was. In the middle of the show, I said to someone: 'We may need to go to the hospital.'" Isaac will start taking blood-thinning medication and is likely to need more surgery in six to nine months. He adds, "I'm feeling pretty good. I'm feeling lucky." Hanson were forced to cancel a handful of dates following Isaac's illness, but plan to resume their tour in Knoxville, Tennessee on Monday (08Oct07).