Writer Irvine Welsh has branded his fellow Brits "idiots" and suggested Scotland should vote to break away from the U.K. purely to spite the government.

The Scottish author, who now lives in Los Angeles, is adamant he would love to vote 'Yes' in his native country's upcoming independence referendum to "challenge" the political make-up of the British isles.

He has slammed Brits who wave Union flags as "malign" and insists the U.K. public needs to wrestle power back from politicians.

The Trainspotting author tells The Independent Magazine he is often asked by his American neighbours how Brits can live under a political system run by "elite" public schoolboys, and says, "It kinda works 'cause we're f**king idiots, basically. There's no reason to have any of these things. You realise that there are so many people that are grandfathered into the political system in Britain, by the time we've paid them all off, there's nothing really left for anybody else...

"This is going to be a contentious thing to say: I don't think the vote in the referendum is that important. The process is much more important. The whole thing about Scottish independence is a way of modernising the British state, and challenging it. And that's the real fear of the Establishment in England. I don't think they give a f**k about Scotland.

"If Scotland gets rid of all these hangers-on and parasites in the system - if we say, 'We're not governed any more by the House of Lords and the City of London' - then people in England are going to be thinking: 'Why do we have to put up with this?'. I think that's the big fear."

Asked if he would vote for Scottish independence, he replies, "Yeah, but not in the interest of nationalism, but in the interest of anti-nationalism - against a malign British nationalism that's all about flag-waving. All kinds of nationalism sicken me. I'd much rather see people being independent and determining their own interests."