LATEST: Prosecutors in the Irv Gotti money laundering trial are struggling to get anything to stick to the rap mogul.

After efforts to link the Murder Inc founder to a shooting incident involving 50 CENT were dismissed by the trial judge in New York last week (ends25NOV05), the prosecution team had a text messaging argument thrown out of court yesterday (28NOV05).

During the fifth day of the trial, prosecutors argued that text messages between Gotti, real name IRV LORENZO, and his brother CHRIS suggested laundering schemes between them and infamous drug dealer KENNETH 'SUPREME' McGRIFF.

But Gotti's lawyer GERALD SHARGEL insisted the messages were being misinterpreted and misused by his opponents - and that they were just harmless communications with the Lorenzo's bookmaker.

Judge EDWARD KORMAN sides with Shargel, as he did over the 50 Cent links last week, and decided to rule out one of the key pages of six pages of text messages.

The prosecution then attempted to connect payments deposited in the Gotti brothers' bank accounts to McGriff, using testimony from New York Police Detective WILLIAM COURTNEY, who read documents he seized from McGriff in Miami, Florida, including a series of hotel, airfare and car service bills paid for by Chris Lorenzo's American Express Platinum Business card.

The case continues.