LATEST: A New York judge has ruled that a shooting incident involving 50 CENT has no relevance in rap mogul Irv Gotti's money laundering trial.

Prosecutors attempted to include the details, claiming Gotti's convict pal KENNETH 'SUPREME' McGRIFF carried out the shooting, but Judge EDWARD KORMAN gave the Murder Inc founder's legal team the advantage by agreeing with his lawyers that the 2000 50 CENT incident was irrelevant.

The prosecutors argued that the incident showed how far McGriff would go to help his pal deal with rap rivals.

Gotti and his brother CHRIS stand accused of using drug money to fund their record label, which boasts artists like Ashanti and Ja Rule.

Judge Korman instructed the prosecution team to not even mention 50 Cent's name as they proceed with the trial.

Prosecutors then changed their attack on Gotti, targeting the mogul's alleged gambling problems, which ultimately proved inconclusive.

The Gotti brothers, real name LORENZO, seemed delighted with the prosecution's failings - Chris Lorenzo turned toward his family with both thumbs raised in the air as he left court after the jury was dismissed for the Thanksgiving holiday.

The case will continue on Monday (28NOV05).