LATEST: Rap mogul Irv Gotti's legal team is attempting to prevent prosecutors in the Murder Inc. money laundering trial from using a 50 CENT shooting incident as part of their court arguments as it's irrelevant to the case.

Prosecutor SEAN HARAN argued that Gotti's drug dealing pal KENNETH 'SUPREME' McGRIFF "shot 50 Cent" as a favour to the record label boss on the second day of the trial (18NOV05) and followed those claims up in court in New York yesterday (21NOV05).

Haran maintained that a text-messaged conversation between Gotti, real name IRV LORENZO, and drug kingpin McGriff shows the rap mogul was pleased by the incident.

But Gotti's lawyer, GERALD SHARGEL, argued that the message, which read "I love the s**t out of you" was actually sent to his client's wife.

Haran acknowledged there was no way of proving that Gotti personally sent or received the message.

Monday's (21NOV05) heated court proceedings came to a halt after the prosecution team again attempted to bring up the 50 Cent shooting, which prompted an immediate objection from the defence.

The judge then called for a recess. Outside the courtroom, Shargel told reporters he didn't want the 50 Cent shooting to be included in the trial because "it has no relevance in this case."

The prosecutors argue the shooting incident helps to prove the extent of Gotti's friendship with McGriff. Gotti and his brother CHRIS are accused of taking McGriff's drug money and using it to start their Murder Inc. empire. The case continues.