Rap mogul Irv Gotti is fuming over a magazine's decision to name Eminem the Best Rapper Alive, insisting he'd be laughed out of a hip-hop contest with stars like JAY-Z, DMX and Ja Rule.
Vibe magazine handed Eminem the title to coincide with the release of his comeback album Relapse.
But The Inc Records boss Gotti can think of countless stars he rates higher than the Slim Shady hitmaker.
He tells MTV, "S**t like that kinda p**ses me off. You know why? Because let's take Eminem's records. Watch my analogy. Eminem is a great artist, no doubt. He puts words together, he's witty, a smart lyricist, a great lyricist. But how can we say the guy is the best rapper alive? I've been to battles with DMX, Jay-Z and Ja Rule, that was some real s**t. Homie, you wouldn't been able to survive.
"They would laugh him out the f**king building. It would be over."