Hip hop mogul Irv Gotti has attacked Eminem's racist misogynist rap lyrics - and called on strong black women to denounce him too.

American music magazine THE SOURCE recently uncovered a tape of a youthful Eminem rapping disrespectful lyrics about African-American women, prompted by the acrimonious break-up of a relationship with a black girl.

Eminem apologised for the tape insisting it was "something I made out of anger, stupidity and frustration when I was a teenager".

However, the INC record boss is furious with that explanation, and wants further action to be taken.

He says, "I'm going to first say that I love Black women. I have a mother. I have five sisters so I've been around Black women all my life.

"If you ask me I can't give him no pass. I ain't riding with that and I ain't never going to ride with that."

And he is frustrated more people haven't spoken out about the issue.

He adds, "My question is, 'Where is C DOLORES TUCKER? Where's MAXINE Waters? Where's Dionne Warwick? These are Black women. Where they at?'"

There is a history of bad blood between Gotti and Eminem - Gotti's premier act Ja Rule has been feuding with Eminem prodigy 50 CENT.

04/12/2003 21:06