Rap mogul Irv Gotti has stunned the music world by signing singer Vanessa Carlton to his record label. The Inc boss is famous for turning hip-hop stars like Ja Rule and CADILLAC TAH into hitmakers but a chance meeting with pop pianist Carlton convinced Gotti to add her to his roster. He tells MTV News, "I see Vanessa and I say to myself, 'I know her from somewhere.' She started playing and her voice, it completely took me over. "I start rambling, running my mouth basically. And just going crazy. After I calmed down, she played (her hit) A THOUSAND MILES, and once I heard the piano riff, I spazzed out again." Carlton will now join Ashanti as the only hit-making ladies on Gotti's roster. The rap boss hopes to have Carlton's first album released on his label early next year (07). Carlton says, "I feel now like I'm sitting on the best patch of songs I've ever written. It's like baking bread, and I think this is the best loaf so far."