Hip-hop mogul Irv Gotti remains unconcerned that people have ignored the change of his empire's name from Murder Inc to The Inc in 2003.

Gotti is still celebrating after he and his brother CHRISTOPHER were exonerated of money laundering charges last month (02DEC05), after federal agents attempted to prove he had created his rap empire with illegal drug profits from friend KENNETH 'SUPREME' McGRIFF.

And he is happy for people to choose the company moniker which suits them best.

He tells MTV, "It's a funny thing with the name change, because it never changed even when I changed it.

"Everyone still said it was Murder Inc. No one, no one called it The Inc. I had a big press conference and we stood up and said, 'Listen, it's The Inc,' and everyone went, 'Yeah, so Murder Inc went and tried to change their name.'"

"So I tried to change it, but it didn't change. Am I officially changing it back? I think it officially never left.

"And I like where it is right now, so you know it's officially The Inc, and if certain people out there don't like saying the word 'murder,' a'ight, well then it's The Inc, but for the streets and most everybody else, it's still Murder Inc and it's a true testament to me doing pretty good. Once you do something well, that's who you are."