Rapper 50 CENT was among the names on a hit list troubled music boss Irv Gotti's associate KENNETH `SUPREME' McGRIFF compiled in 2003, according to a leaked affidavit.

In documents obtained by website www.smokinggun.com, convicted drug dealer McGriff has been specifically linked to Gotti and his Murder Inc and The Inc record label.

In the affidavit requested by federal officials, McGriff is alleged to have plotted to kill 50 Cent.

The document reads. "The investigation has uncovered a conspiracy involving McGriff and others to murder a rap artist who has released songs containing lyrics regarding McGriff's criminal activities.

"The rap artist was shot in 2000, survived and thereafter refused to co-operate with the law enforcement regarding the shooting.

"Messages transmitted over the Murder Inc pager indicate that McGriff is involved in an ongoing plot to kill this rap artist and that he communicates with Murder Inc employees concerning the target."

Gotti, who has been caught up in the controversy surrounding McGriff, insists his friend, a one-time high-powered drug lord, has left his criminal ways behind.

Gotti also maintains his relationship with McGriff is strictly confined to friendship.