SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE star Irrfan Khan is leading the race to play Cate Blanchett's lover in new period movie INDIAN SUMMER.
The Bollywood star is slated to play India's first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru in the controversial drama about Lady Edwina Mountbatten's alleged romance.
Blanchett will play Mountbatten, the wife of the last British viceroy of India, in the project.
Producers only got the greenlight to commence shooting in India last week (ends02Oct09) after film officials insisted on scrutinising the script - to make sure it was respectful of Nehru.
Insider Rajan Zed says, "Officials will reportedly oversee the shooting and it has to be okayed before release."
Reports suggest Hugh Grant will play Blanchett's husband, Lord Louis Mountbatten, in the film, scheduled for release in 2011.
Filming will reportedly follow the important events surrounding India’s Independence and will be shot on location in Delhi, Punjab, Jammu-Kashmir, and other parts of the country.