Legendary heavy metallers Iron Maiden have learned to inject more emotions into their music - but admit remaining faithful to their well-established sound is often a challenge.

The veteran rockers - who are currently on tour in Canada supporting their upcoming release DANCE OF DEATH - believe it's vital they stick with the old format, so stalwart fans aren't left disappointed.

Frontman BRUCE DICKINSON says, "The writing style's a bit looser. We were prepared to be a bit more open with our emotions on this record than we were on BRAVE NEW WORLD, and on Brave New World in fact we were more open than we were on a lot of the previous albums.

"Every Maiden album is a challenge because you have to stay within the tramlines of what Maiden is, or else you lose it. To develop within that framework can be tough, so you just have to relax about it and you have to sometimes not try so hard and just wait."

13/08/2003 20:54