Bayley replaced Bruce Dickinson in the group from 1994 to 1999, and he'd like to hit the stage with the other guys who have fronted the British heavy metal act.

He told Metal Talk, "What I really want to happen - and a lot of fans ask me about this - is a Maiden gig, like a one-off, where it's the three singers. It's never gonna happen in a million years, but all the fans I speak to about it go, 'Yeah!' And, man, can you imagine the arguments in the pub: 'Oh, Paul (original singer Dianno)'s the best', 'Oh, it's Bruce (DICkinson)', 'Oh, it's Blaze'.

"Man, I would absolutely... I'd be there, man. I think it would be so much fun, because it would be purely... it would be really fan-orientated. You would have to know the whole spectrum of Iron Maiden; you can't be a fairweather fan. You'd have to know the whole spectrum of what Iron Maiden's history is to know the significance of Paul and of me and of Bruce. And I think it would be great to get the three of us together."